How Beneficial Are House Renovations?

Getting your home renovated lets you choose exactly how you want it. You have the opportunity to have a space that fits your needs. Not only will it make things more visually pleasing (which will also help to raise the property value), it also keeps things practical, depending on what you want it for. For instance, do you want a new bathroom or bedroom? Perhaps you want a game room or somewhere to wind down after a busy day?


Another helpful factor is the lowering of energy bills, as you can make your house more energy efficient. For instance, you could change to more eco-friendly light bulbs and insulated basement walls to cut heating costs down, saving money overall. Your basement can also be a potential new room, giving you extra space. If you feel your home is too dated, you may want to modernise both the exterior and interior to your tastes. Whatever you do, if you need a quote for House Renovations in Bicester, ask us for professional advice and we will ensure you get what you’re looking for whilst keeping to your budget.


Decorative Decking!

Did you know that having decking can be a great option, if you want to spruce up your garden? Decking is becoming a favoured choice for both the aesthetic and practical qualities. Having timber decking can give a natural, rustic feel that is visually appealing. It can also be a great area to entertain your friends and family in the warmer months, such as having barbecues and sitting on lovely garden furniture. You’ll also find that decking is quite low maintenance, due to only having to give it a jet wash or mop sometimes due to any dirt or algae that may crop up.


If you want to have your decking next to a visual point in your garden, you could consider having it next to any water features you may have or a pond. You may also build it where the sun best catches the garden. Adding decking also adds extra space which in turn can potentially raise the value of your property, so it can be a great investment. Call us today for a free quote on all Decking in Bicester.